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Economic section

Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia in Beijing preforms the following tasks in the field of trade and economic relations with the countries of accreditation (People’s Republic of China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand, DPR Korea):

1. Promotion and protection of the Slovenian economic interests, monitoring and providing support to bilateral relations between governmental authorities and institutions, cooperation with the EU Delegation and other European institutions and international organizations, support and development of economic relations with representatives of the receiving State and the diplomatic corps.

2. Monitoring of the economic situation in countries of accreditation and wider region, industrial analysis, identification of new forms of economic cooperation in the interest of the Slovenian economy.

3. Services provided by the Embassy for Slovenian companies include:
• Providing basic information about the markets, individual industries, business partners, etc.
• Establishing contacts with local companies, financial institutions and public and governmental organizations.
• Providing information of potential business partners,
• Participation in organization of business events (conferences, round tables) and other promotional activities (presentations, fairs, exhibitions).

The Embassy’s services in these areas are primarily intended to support the Slovenian governmental institutions and companies in their functioning on the markets of the PR China, Vietnam, Mongolia, Thailand and the DPR Korea, but also to provide support to companies from the listed countries in establishing contact with potential Slovenian business partners, to provide information about economic environment in the Republic of Slovenia, business conditions and investment opportunities.

Useful web resources in the Republic of Slovenia:

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INSTITUTE OF MACROECONOMIC ANALYSIS AND DEVELOPMENT: http://www.umar.gov.si/en/zapisi/?no_cache=1
MINISTRY OF FINANCE: http://www.mf.gov.si/en/
LJUBLJANA STOCK EXSCHANGE: http://www.ljse.si/cgi-bin/jve.cgi?doc=1468
SLOEXPORT (PORTAL ON SLOVENIAN EXPORTERS): http://www.gzs.si/sloexport/default.asp?LanguageID=2&MenuID=11
DOING BUSINESS IN SLOVENIA: http://www.poslovniportal.si/Doing_Business_Slovenia.php
BUSINESS CLIMATE IN SLOVENIA: http://www.sloveniapartner.com
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY: http://www.gzs.si/eng
ARTISAN CHAMBER: http://www.ozs.si
NATIONAL STATISTICAL BUREAU: http://www.stat.gov.si
SLOVENIAN TOURIST BOARD: http://www.slovenia.info