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Acceptance of residence permit applications and visa procedures D

The Embassy accepts new applications for residence permits, but only by prior arrangement. Procedures for issuing D visas are carried out only for certain groups.


The following categories of foreign nationals apply for a visa in individual justified cases:

1. healthcare professionals and health researchers elderly care professionals;

2. frontier workers;

3. seasonal workers in agriculture;

4. transport personnel;

5. diplomats, staff of international organizations, military personnel, humanitarian aid workers and civil protection personnel in the exercise of their functions;

6. passengers in transit;

7. passengers traveling for imperative family reasons;

8. seafarers;

9. persons in need of international protection or for other humanitarian reasons;

10. third-country nationals traveling for the purpose of study;

11. highly skilled workers if their employment is economically necessary and their work cannot be postponed or carried out from abroad;

12. close family members of EU / EEA citizens who exercise the principle of free movement or have permanent or temporary residence in other EU countries;

13. persons residing or temporarily residing in EU countries.


In addition to the application, all applicants must submit the required supporting documentation.

Visa applications in these cases can only be submitted directly at the embassy by prior arrangement.


Visas D

Procedures for issuing D visas shall be carried out only for the following groups:

- participants in student exchanges (Erasmus, Erasmus +, ...)

- family reunification,

- athletes, cultural figures, researchers, scientists with the expressed interest of the competent ministry.



The Embassy accepts new applications for residence permits. The embassy also accepts applications